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Our ChillaxPak features a handmade Kumihimo leash braided by individuals who are currently living in homeless shelters. The Good Witch herself traveled to Mexico to teach them how to create the braid, which provides a meditative skill they can use for future employment! We continue to offer these folks consistent work each time a ChillaxPak is purchased.

The Kumihimo Leash

This hand-braided leash tethers the chillum to the pouch for safe keeping. Made with glass beads on strong nylon cords, it is entirely submersible for easy cleaning.

The Main Pocket

Cinches together with high quality cord to keep your favorite leaf, extra screens or anything else safely inside.

The Front Pockets

Sewn just the right size to hold your accessories. A hidden magnet keeps your poker, packer and roach clip from slipping out.

The Poker & Packer

These essential tools are attached to the ChillaxPak with a beaded tether and hook which keeps them from going astray. 

The Chillum

Compact and beautiful, it’s the perfect little pipe for on the go puff-puffs.


The Roach Clip

Made of durable copper wire with large beads for sturdy yet stylish smoking

The Lighter 

Currently not included but coming soon!